24×7 Support

Einnosys offers 24×7 technical support (Level 1 & 2) to OEMs across the world on equipment software – GUI/Controller software, SECS/GEM and others.

Along with 60+ years of team experience of equipment software and fab automation, along with our global presence, we are positioned to offer 24×7 support of any type of equipment software – Controller/GUI software, SECS/GEM or other, and this software doesn’t have to be developed by us. Since we have domain and technical expertise, we will be able to quickly learn your environment and provide unmatched customer support.

Features of 24×7 Support
  • Mostly remote tech support, but additional onsite support is offered as well
  • Toll-free and/or local number to call
  • Level 1 and 2 tech support from professional support and development teams
  • Support on all kinds of equipment software – SECS/GEM, Controller/GUI, Image Processing, Data Collection & Analysis, etc.
  • Support offered for even the software not developed by us

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