EIQRSTS – Reticle/Quartz/Sapphire Tracker

EIQRSTS is a Reticle/Quartz/Sapphire tracking system that comes bundled with barcode scanner, mobile device and required software. This system can also be used to track any item in the fab or ATM(Assembly, Test & Packaging factory) that needs to be tracked and documented as they move from one location to the other along with other information.

  • Tracks reticles/quartz/sapphires in the factory
  • Allows quick search capability to search reticle/quartz/sapphire by ID or family/category
  • Provides audit trail of who moved the reticle/quartz/sapphire from which location to where and when
  • Allows capability to find what reticles are best candidates for moving to secondary storage to make room for new ones
  • Helps troubleshooting reticle/quartz/sapphire damage problems
  • Can be used to track any other precious manufacturing resource
EIQRSTS – Reticle/Quartz/Sapphire Tracker

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