Robot/SMIF Integration

Sub-tool Integration

When it comes to integrating sub-tool, such as SMIF or FOUP, Robot handler, PLCs, RFID reader or any other device to your equipment, you need someone who not only has technical knowledge and domain expertise, but also someone who understands how your equipment is going to be used in the fab and what are your clients’ expectations from your tool’s automation capabilities. eInnoSys has experience integrating various sub-tools and devices from different manufacturers with equipment controller software as well as providing SECS/GEM capability for the entire integrated equipment. Besides, due to our services on fab automation systems, we understand what your clients expect from the equipment software to integrate them better with their factory systems.


Areas of Expertise

  • FOUP
  • SMIF
  • Robot handler
  • PLCs
  • RFID
  • Individual devices such IO couplers, cameras and sensors

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