Audit/QA/Test Services

SEMI Standards Compliance Audit

eInnoSys staff has decades of experience developing and testing SEMI standards compliant products, both for OEMs as well as Fabs, Assembly, Test and Packaging factories.

eInnoSys offers following SEMI Standards Compliance Audit services to OEMs –

  • Simulation software EIGEMSim that can simulate a factory host or equipment
  • Audit for compliance of SECS/GEM standards
  • Discussion with end customer on custom SECS/GEM requirements

Software QA & Test Services

eInnosys offers comprehensive QA & Test services for equipment and automation software. We have developed simulator software such as EIGEMSim for simulation of a factory host or equipment as well as for devices such as robots, IO controllers for software QA and testing. Over the years working with our OEM and factory customers, we have developed detailed test and QA plans for testing of SECS/GEM, Fault Detection & Classification (FDC), Equipment Interface (EI), EDA and other software systems.