Yield Improvement

Einnosys offers various solutions for Yield Improvement, ranging from simple barcode scanning of the lot boxes to very complex analysis of yield related issues by correlating end-to-end wafer data. Our team members have decades of experience in improving yield at all areas of Assembly, Test, Packaging factories and FABs.

In addition to implementing complex yield improvement projects, our staff has published technical papers on how to use innovative, out-of-the-box automation to improve yield in factories.

Yield Management Solutions

·         Host applications or station controllers that download and/or select recipes upon barcode or RFID scanning of lot boxes
………..and remotely starting process
·         Collection and analysis of alarms, events and other critical process parameters from equipment through SECS/GEM or
………..other means and correlating with other data such as that from MES or from other equipment
·         For Wafer FABs, correlating end-to-end wafer data: From epitaxial -> inline process <-> inline metrology
………..<-> electrical testing <->Final Test
·         Use feedback and feed-forward approach to feed metrology data to process equipment to improve yield

Case Studies

·         At one wafer fab, our Yield Management solution resulted in improving yield by 0.8%
·         At another wafer fab, our Yield Management system resulted in yield improvement of 0.6%

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