Staff Augmentation

Einnosys offers various delivery models to best suit your needs, including Turnkey solution, staff augmentation and 24×7 support.

If you already have a team of software engineer for your equipment, you must have found the need to increase the bandwidth of your software team, most likely more than once at least for short term.

Einnosys offers staff augmentation service to help in such situations where you want to increase the bandwidth for short or long term. Our developers are already experts at development of equipment controller/GUI software, SECS/GEM implementation, image processing software, data collection and analysis software, integration of sub-systems such as EFEM, PLCs, etc and all areas of equipment software.

What Staff Augmentation Gives You 
  • Highly qualified and dedicated software engineers to match skills of your requirements
  • Quality developers with semiconductor and related industry experience
  • Tools & Technologies: C++, Java, .Net, SECS/GEM, Databases, MESes and other tools and technologies used in the industry
  • Platforms: Windows, Linux/Unix, Android
  • Onsite and offsite, most prefer a combination
  • Short-term or long-term to suit your needs

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