Success Stories

Integration of our SECS/GEM software -EIGEMEquipment into PVA Tepla’s Asher Equipment

We have successfully integrated EIGEMEquipment – our SECS/GEM software product into PVA Tepla’s asher equipment. Both PVA Tepla and their end customer were happy with eInnoSys’ exceptional customer service.

Customer Testimonial :

“To meet a PVA demand that did not align with the eInnosys engineer’s schedule, Mr. Thakkar himself travelled to the customer’s site, installed the software and obtained acceptance from the customer. This is a level of commitment to completing a project PVA shares. All this while keeping within quoted budget.

Technical discussions between eInnosys and customer expedited the project as well as minimized miscommunications.

eInnosys made a very good impression, and likely will continue to do so. PVA will continue to use eInnosys for future software requirements.”

Walt Roloson, Engineering Manager, PVA Tepla America

Development of Equipment Controller/GUI software in ANDROID and Integration of SECS/GEM software – EIGEMEquipment into Lynx Plasma Asher Equipment

eInnoSys was challenged to develop the entire equipment controller (GUI) software in Android and also make it SECS/GEM capable on a plasma etch equipment. It was quite a challenge given Android is NOT a real-time OS and doesn’t give applications the kind of control it needs for real-time process control applications.

Yet, we successfully developed the controller (GUI) software in Android and integrated our SECS/GEM software – EIGEMEquipment resulting in making another customer very happy with our unmatched technical depth and customer service.

Customer Testimonial:

“We wanted to approach our software project the traditional way, hire a software contractor/developer and have this individual develop the code for our project. This resulted in a less than desired outcome with missed deadlines and goals and it forced us to find a different solution for our software needs. After we started shopping around for a software firm we found eInnosys, we knew right away that we were dealing with experts that could provide us the resources we needed.”

The professional staff at eInnosys provides not only software development but also project management, an all-around professional software service from “A to Z”.

With the detailed project plan and weekly updates, we know exactly where this project stands, and project goals and deliverables are met on time. eInnosys provides a professional software service that is very customer focused and which you can count on.

Nico Ooms, Owner – Nile Technologies

Integration of SECS/GEM software on a metrology equipment without access to the real equipment for testing

Yet again, eInnoSys was challenged to integrate SECS/GEM software with a controller (GUI) software that it had not developed and without having access to the real equipment for testing. To add to the challenge, the controller (GUI) software was not developed by eInnoSys and hence had no knowledge of that software.

eInnoSys’ highly talented equipment software team successfully implemented SECS/GEM on the metrology equipment without having to visit our OEM customer’s end customer – fab.

Customer Testimonial:

“Einnosys Inc has helped us developing SECS/GEM for our CVmap3093A equipment with good enthusiasm and knowledge, resulting in satisfactory and complete SECS/GEM software.

The development work was performed in absence of the tool which involves exceeding number of variable and parameters; complicated simulator software for subsystems has also been developed during the work. Mr. Thakkar also pointed out to us numerous legal and commercial aspects of the SECS/GEM software”

Dr. James TC Chen, President, Four Dimensions Inc

Resolving bugs and implementing new features in existing controller (GUI) software and SECS/GEM on a wet bench equipment without prior knowledge

SPEC hired eInnoSys to resolve bugs and implement new customer requests on a controller (GUI) software and SECS/GEM module. None of these software were developed by eInnoSys and hence we had no knowledge of the code at all.

The challenge here was to self learn someone else’s software code and quickly come up to speed to make software changes in a very short time without affecting the reliability of the software.

eInnoSys developers were able to quickly self learn the existing code and resolve all customer issues and new requests in a timely manner, impressing the customer with their skills and speed.

Customer Testimonial:

“The results were exactly what we wanted and the speed and quality of the work done by eInnoSys was very impressive. eInnoSys Inc. has provided us with the high quality of professional software development that we can count on. We plan to work with them for years to come and would highly recommend eInnoSys

Ken Hall, Software Manager, SPEC

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