Cycle Time(CT) Improvement

SECS/GEM cycle time Improvement
different production areas plant cycle time
production area plant can have different cycle time Improvement

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to cycle time improvement. Not just every manufacturing plant, but even different production areas within a plant can have different cycle time challenges.

Having spent many years in fabs and assembly/test/packaging factory floor, Einnosys automation staff has gained valuable insight on how to improve cycle time in factories. Our automation staff works hand-in-hand with Industrial Engineers to identify opportunities to improve cycle-time, discuss with your Operations staff and implement them.

  • Einnosys staff – Automation and/or Industrial engineer visits your factory and understands your process.
  • After identifying areas of cycle-time improvement, we provide a written proposal of our staff’s recommendations to improve cycle time and help you assess ROI for such projects
  • Upon approval, our highly qualified technical team develops and install applications unique to your environment
  • After implementation, our automation and/or Industrial engineer ensures that desired results are achieved
  • RTD (Real Time Dispatch) System
  • Cycle Time reporting system breaking down cycle time by device, technology, production area, step and further into queue time, run time and hold time for better analysis
  • Various feedback and feed-forward systems
  • Alert system for critical lots and held lots
  • Numerous lot, WIP & moves tracking systems
  • At one wafer fab, Cycle Time improvement project resulted in 7% improvement in Cycle Time
  • At another wafer fab, eInnoSys developed Cycle Time improvement system resulted in cycle time improvement of 5%

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