Improving Throughput / OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

production area plant can have different cycle time Improvement
different production areas plant cycle time
SECS/GEM cycle time Improvement

Like Cycle Time, cookie-cutter approach doesn’t work for improving OEE. Every factory, even different production areas in one factory have different OEE challenges and requires different approaches in improving OEE.

Einnosys automation staff, which includes Industrial Engineers are experts at improving OEE/throughput in different areas. Over the years they have successfully implemented many factories.

  • Einnosys staff – Automation and/or Industrial engineer visits your factory and understands your process.
  • After identifying areas of OEE improvement, we provide a written proposal of our staff’s recommendations to improve OEE and help you assess ROI for such projects
  • Upon approval, our highly qualified technical team develops and install applications unique to your environment
  • After implementation, our automation and/or Industrial engineer ensures that desired results are achieved


  • At one wafer fab, OEE project at a bottleneck area resulted in increased wafer outs by 20%, saving the cost of USD 1 million in purchasing an equipment and thousands of USD every year in maintenance
  • At another wafer fab, OEE project showed real-time view of current bottleneck area with just a click of a mouse along with relevant info to help address the situation resulting in improvement of wafer outs by 4%

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