MES Migration & Support

eInnoSys Fab, Assembly, Test & Packaging Automation team is comprised of developers who have worked in Fabs and ATM factories of different technologies, size, substrate and geographical locations.

Over the years our automation staff has worked on many different MES systems such as PROMIS, FactoryWorks, Workstream, FAB300 and other systems such as Xsite. In fact, our staff includes ex-developers of some of these MES systesm, so we have in-depth technical knowledge and understanding of these MES systems.

EINNOSYS offers MES support services, which includes –

  • Managing process flows, recipes, equipment, PM cycles, Data Collection Operations, etc. in the MES
  • Managing MES backups
  • Upgrading MES to a newer version
  • Integrating MES with other systems such as PM Tracking, FDC, EI or others