FAB Automation

eInnoSys staff has decades of extensive experience in Fab Automation of varying size and kind – from 4 inch GaAs or other compound semiconductor to 300 mm Silicon fabs as well as Packaging, Test/Assembly factories. Our team members have helped small R&D type fabs with old equipment to most advanced 300mm high volume  factories.

In addition to successful implementation of conventional automation on well over 300 equipment make and model, we have developed several hundred innovative applications to help factories with –

  • How to develop systems and reports that combine data collected from various equipment and other factory data sources such as MES, ERP, etc to drive efficiencies (Yield, Cycle Time, OEE, etc) in fabs/factories and reduce cost through innovative automation
  • How to collect data from and even download recipes to equipment that are not SECS/GEM capable

Our automation staff includes seasoned Industrial Engineers with deep understanding of semiconductor wafer processing, packaging, test and assembly processes and we design custom solutions, where needed to help you address your factory’s challenges or issues.

Areas of Fab Automation Expertise:
  • Yield Improvement
  • Cycle Time & OEE Improvements
  • Systems to ease troubleshooting complex issues
  • APC – Advanced Process Control
  • FDC – Fault Detection & Classification
  • Cost Management
  • Productivity Improvements
  • Customized solutions
eInnoSys also offers following out-of-the-box systems for Fabs:
  • EIGEMHost : SECS/GEM software for factory hosts
  • EIGEMSim : Equipment and host simulator software for SECS/GEM testing
  • EIRMS : Recipe Management System –  Manages recipes, including versions and audit trail of recipe changes across different equipment types
  • EIAMS : Alarm Management System – Taking automatic actions (user defined) as soon as an alarms occur on equipment, reporting and much more
  • EIPartsManager : Spare Parts Management System – Helps manage spare parts cost, inventory and life-cycle.
  • EIBarcodeGuardian : Prevents wrong pour of chemicals and manages chemical inventory in the fab
  • EIQRSTS  :- Reticle/Quartz/Sapphire Tracker – Helps tracking reticles/quartz/sapphire and other precious resources in the factory
  • EIMWA : Manual Wetbench Automation – Prevents misprocessing of wafers due to wrong bath dips on manual wetbenches without expensive upgrade

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