SECS/GEM for non-GEM/SECS Equipment

Can’t get SECS/GEM on your fab or assembly equipment? We WILL get you! 

If you have an equipment without GEM/SECS capability and if you can’t get it from the OEM, we can help you. eInnoSys provides a software solution that offers most of the GEM/SECS features. It doesn’t matter how old the equipment is or whether the equipment is running through a computer with Windows or Unix/Linux operating system, our solution works on most equipment. This solution works equally well on both wafer fab equipment as well as back-end test, assembly and packaging equipment.


With eInnoSys provided GEM/SECS solution on your equipment, you can achieve the same benefit on those equipment as you do with modern SECS/GEM compliant equipment. Now you can improve yield, collect and analyze data automatically, download and upload recipes and a lot more. When it comes to providing GEM/SECS on an equipment without OEM provided solution, there is no one-size-fit-all approach. That’s why our engineering team first evaluates your equipment and recommends a solution that is best for you.

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