Equipment Software

eInnoSys specializes in software design, development and integration of all areas of equipment software – Controller/GUI software, SECS/GEM implementation, integration of sub-systems such as EFEM, robot, PLC, etc., Image Processing, Data Collection & Analysis to name a few.

When it comes to equipment software, experience does matter!

Our developers and architects are not only great developers, but they have worked on equipment software of different kind for many years. Having your software developed from domain experts results in industry standard software that is user friendly, robust and scalable. In addition, our domain expertise in Fab Automation helps OEM customers with valuable inputs from our developers on features and/or UI of equipment software.

Areas of Equipment Software Expertise
  • GEM Automation – SEMI compliant SECS/GEM Implementation
  • Equipment Controller/GUI software Development or Maintenance
  • Integration of sub-systems such as EFEM, robot, PLC, RFID and other devices/sensors
  • Image Processing
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Custom module development

eInnoSys is pioneer in automation on mobile platform and is one of the handful companies in the world having successfully designed equipment controller from scratch in Android, which is quite challenging since Android is not a real-time OS.

In addition to consulting, software development and integration services, we offer the following products out-of-the-box.
  • EIGEMEquipment: SEMI complaint SECS/GEM software for equipment
  • EIMobileMonitor: Allows monitoring critical equipment or recipe parameters on mobile device within factory network
  • EIGEMSim: Host or Equipment simulator software for SECS/GEM communication testing
  • EIModbusLib: Java based Modbus library that can run on multiple platforms – Windows, Linux or Android

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