Fault Detection & Classification (FDC)

Fault Detection &Classification monitors various sensor data coming from the equipment continuously, analyze them and apply user-defined limits to them to detect process excursions. This system also allows engineers to configure actions that must be taken when a certain parameter is OOC (out of control) and FDC system automatically takes user defined actions. Process Excursion could be a result of one or more of a degrading equipment part, a process or equipment issue of the wafer/die from any of the previous steps, etc. Detecting such excursions and notifying appropriate fab or assembly/test personnel could result in preventing yield loss, improving cycle-time, OEE and equipment up-time.

eInnoSys has successfully implemented several Fault Detection & Classification (FDC) projects at various fabs. Our Fault Detection and Classification (FDC) systems
How it works
  • eInnoSys designed FDC system continuously monitors various equipment sensor data either received through SECS/GEM or directly from the sensor
  • This system allows engineers to define what kind of analysis must be performed as the data is received and also define lower and upper control limits
  •  FDC system also allows engineering to configure what actions must be taken automatically when a certain parameter is OOC (out of control). The action could be any combination of –  put the equipment in unscheduled maintenance, notify an engineer, hold wafers or packages for engineering review, etc.
Case Studies
  • At one wafer fab, eInnoSys implemented Fault Detection and Classification (FDC) helped them improve equipment uptime by 20 hours per month
  • At another wafer fab, our FDC system helped them reduce scrap of 160 wafers per year

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