Cycle Time Improvement

Cycle Time Improvement

There is no one size fits all when it comes to cycle time improvement. Every manufacturing plant, even different production areas within a plant can have different cycle time related challenges. Having worked in manufacturing operations for many years and having undertaken numerous cycle time improvement projects, eInnoSys consultants have tackled these challenges first hand.

SECS/GEM cycle time Improvement
production area plant can have different cycle time Improvement

How eInnoSys can help

  • eInnoSys consultants have done numerous cycle time improvement projects in small to large scale manufacturing plants
  • Expertise in cycle time challenges across many different production areas in manufacturing plants

Cycle Time Improvement Projects

  • RTD (Real Time Dispatch) System
  • Cycle Time reporting system breaking down cycle time by device, technology, production area, step and further into queue time, run time and hold time for better analysis
  • Feedback system to feed alignment offsets into steppers
  • Feedforward system from metrology to process steps
  • Alert system for critical lots and held lots
  • Numerous lot, WIP & moves tracking systems
different production areas plant cycle time

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