EIGEM300Host is SEMI standards-compliant, plug-n-play SECS/GEM SDK that can be integrated into any host application at the FAB or ATM (Assembly, Test, or Packaging manufacturing factory) to enable automation features at the host. Request A Demo

Customers Value

Time is money

Save months in software development costs as EIGEMHost can be easily integrated into your existing equipment software


Lightweight and efficient, EIGEMHost is highly optimized and easy on the CPU, leaving good headroom for other tasks on Equipment software


Contains all the features that SECS/GEM has to offer, so you can take advantage of them at any time

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integration services

We leverage our expertise to understand your requirements and provide you with an integration service that's works best for you

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Runs effectively on any platform such as Windows, Linux/Unix and Android


Trusted By

Tier-1 fabs across the world

Your Integration Partner for SECS/GEM

Case Study

One Singapore based fab achieved a data collection project done through EIGEMHost in less than 3 weeks
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Features of EIGEM300Host

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Downloading recipes from the Recipe Server or host to the equipment


Host application selecting required recipe on the equipment


Collecting Alarms and events data from the equipment for analysis

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Collecting process data such as temperature, pressure, etc. in real time from the equipment


Receive and set equipment configuration parameters

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