EIGEM-HMI is a solution that adds SECS/GEM automation capability to your existing HMI & PLC based Equipment. Request A Demo

EIGEM-HMI is a SECS/GEM solution for HMI & PLC based Equipment

EIGEM-HMI enables automation & full SECS/GEM communication between your PLC-based Equipment and Factory Host.

EIGEM-HMI replaces the traditional HMI with a PC and enables SECS/GEM automation and all the other advantages a PC has to offer.

EIGEM-HMI acts as a mediator between your Equipment and Factory Host.

Essentially, it makes your old HMI & PLC based equipment into modern PC based equipment.

No Programming Required
No Prior knowledge of SECS GEM Required
EIGEM HMI is a SECS GEM solution for HMI & PLC based Equipment

Benefits Of EIGEM-PLC


Enables SECS/GEM, OPC or Modbus communication capabilities on existing equipment

100% Reliable

Compliant with 200mm and 300mm SEMI standards

100% Support

Supports all programming languages (just like a PC)

Equipment Software - einnosys

Modern Controls

Fast communication between equipment and controls programming

Legacy Equipment

Other Benefits

Supports Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory, Takes minutes to setup

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