Alarm Management System

Alarm Management System SECS/GEM
Alarm Management System for fab automation

EIAMS is Alarm Management System from eInnoSys that helps you to not only keep track of alarms generated by the equipment and compare against other equipment of the same type, it can also take user defined actions automatically in response to an alarm resulting in improved yield, cycle-time, OEE and MTTR (mean time to respond).


Allows users to define what actions need to be taken in response to an alarm generated from an equipment and takes those actions automatically. Actions can be any combination of –

  • Stop feeding more wafers into the equipment
  • Notify appropriate factory personnel
  • Put the equipment in unscheduled or scheduled maintenance
  • Hold wafers for engineering evaluation before moving to next step
  • Stop processing immediately
  • Other custom actions
  • Logs all alarms and compare alarms from one equipment to that of others of the same type
  • Pareto alarms to help focus on alarms that are most frequently occurring

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