SECS/GEM Simulator Introduction and Features

Features SECS GEM Simulator

EINNOSYS has developed a software application – EIGEMSim to help OEMs and fabs/assemblies test SEMI compliance for SECS/GEM on an equipment.

EIGEMSim SECS/GEM simulator can be configured to simulate either an equipment or factory host depending on the use case. It allows creation, configuration, transmission and receipt of SECS messages.

EIGEMSim facilities the message transfers through Message Dictionary.

There are two ways to create and configure SECS Messages – through a wizard within EIGEMSim or by typing them in SML format in a text editor and then opening the SML file in EIGEMSim. All messges sent and received are logged.

Features of EIGEMSim (SECS/GEM Simulator) :

  • Runs on Windows & Linux
  • Comes with most commonly used SECS messages pre-configured to get you up and running of your complaince testing quickly
  • User friendly & intuitive UI for configuring and sending messages.
  • It can be configured either as the equipment or the Factory host during the development.
  • Provides Logs of all the incoming and outgoing messages.