Software Review

In addition to domain expertise and experience of many decades in Semiconductor, Solar (PV), Flat Panel Display, LED and other related Electronics industries, eInnoSys team has over 100 years of software design and development experience. Our team has designed very complex automation software systems that control and monitor multiple factories.

Quality and Innovation have always been core values at eInnoSys and our team keeps up-­‐to-­‐date with software design patterns and new software development methodologies.

Having knowledge and experience of best practices in both software development and equipment software of many different kind, our team is best equipped to review your equipment software’s design and make recommendations to –

  • Improve quality and reliability of the software
  • Improve performance of the software
  • Make it more scalable, so that future modifications are less time-­‐consuming
    and more robust
  • Help reuse code among multiple equipment platforms
  • Make certain software modules configurable so that they can be modified
    without having to recompile and QA the code
Case Study
SECS/GEM Software Review
Problem Statement

Even a small change in equipment software took many days and required lot of QA efforts as it inadvertently affected some other part of the software. Occasionally, the code change in one area didn’t propagate to other required parts of the software.


eInnoSys reviewed the current architecture of the system and was able to make recommendations to the structure of the code.

End result was that future software changes reduced time-­‐to-­‐market from 6 months to 3 weeks.

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