eInnoSys has several out-of-the-box products for factories (Fabs and ATMs) and equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Below is a list of our products –
Products for equipment manufacturers (OEMs)
  • EIGEMEquipment: SEMI complaint SECS/GEM software for equipment
  • EIMobileMonitor: Allows monitoring critical equipment or recipe parameters on the mobile device within factory network
  • EIGEMSim: Host or Equipment simulator software for SECS/GEM communication testing
  • EIModbusLib: Java-based Modbus library that can run on multiple platforms – Windows, Linux or Android
Products for Fabs and ATMs (Assembly and Test Manufacturing Factories):
  • EIGEMHost: SECS/GEM software for fab hosts
  • EIGEMSim: Equipment and host simulator software for SECS/GEM testing
  • EIRMS: Recipe Management System -Manages recipes, including versions and audit trail of recipe changes across different equipment types
  • EIAMS: Alarm Management System – Taking automatic actions (user-defined) as soon as alarms occur on equipment, reporting and much more
  • EIPartsManager: Spare Parts Management System – Helps manage spare parts cost, inventory, and life-cycle.
  • EIBarcodeGuardian: Prevents the wrong pour of chemicals and manages chemical inventory in the fab
  • EIQRSTS: Reticle/Quartz/Sapphire Tracker – Helps tracking reticles/quartz/sapphire and other precious resources in the factory
  • EIMWA: Manual Wetbench Automation -Prevents misprocessing of wafers due to wrong bath dips on manual wet benches without an expensive upgrade

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