Saving manufacturing costs

eInnoSys understands that Fabs and Assembly/Test/Packaging factories alike have to be operating efficiently to manage cost per wafer or cost per die/package. Through our years of experience working in Fabs and Assembly/Test/Packaging factories, we have successfully accomplished many projects to save millions of dollars in operating cost.
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How eInnoSys can help

Reducing equipment maintenance frequency and time without compromising the quality of products

Improving precious metals reclaims

Misprocessing of wafers for human errors, including selecting wrong recipe

Reducing reworks through feedback from metrology into process
Better process control through data collection and analysis

Case Study:

At one fab, we helped them save up to $1.5 million per year in manufacturing costs through automation.

At another fab, we helped them reduce the number of PMs on the equipment by 30%, resulting in a saving of $300K per year.

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