In 2008, the EIS TF(European Equipment Interface Specification Task Force ) decided to incorporate the already existing SEC/GEM standards in the Semiconductor Industry as the base for host communication through PV industry. This is the time when SEMI PV2 standard came into existence.

SEMI PV2 is the standard that defines a common equipment communication interface for PV production system and gives various benefits to the PV industry.

This standard was developed by European Equipment Interface Specification Task Force (EIS TF) to minimize the efforts put in by the equipment suppliers to develop and maintain various equipment communication interfaces and to create a strong base for deploying advance factory management and to control software systems.

Equipment integration was a very costly and time consuming affair before this standard was implemented in equipment production industry.

With the implementation of this Standard both the manufacturers and the suppliers will be benefited in the following ways:

  • Manufacturers need not specify ,test and integrate specific interfaces to ensure IT functionality at the factory level
  • Suppliers need not implement and maintain customer specific interface
  • Shorter break down time as there would standard IT integration process
  • As the processes are standardize, thus will lead to yield improvement
  • Simplified requirement specification and testing as the testing can designed in a generic way for all the interfaces
  • This will lead to increased potential cost saving as the manufacturers’ are in better position to analysis integration risk and efforts.

This standard outlines one of the best practices which will help in great value addition to the semiconductor and PV industry.

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