EIMWA – Manual Wetbench Automation

If your FAB has manual (hand-dip) wet benches that are causing yield loss due to dipping wafers into wrong bath, we have a perfect solution that doesn’t require replacing or upgrading your current wetbench saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars in upgrade/replacement cost. Through our system of barcode scanner, mobile device and required software, you can ensure wafers are always processed in the right bath for exactly the duration of etch time.

  • Improves yield by preventing wafer dips into wrong bath
  • Saves huge cost in having to replace or upgrade your current wetbench
  • Saves lot of engineering time in re-qualifying wetbench after upgrade or replacement
  • Integrates with your current MES
  • Provides lot genealogy information of connecting wafer processing data with chemical bath change or chemical top off information
EIMWA – Manual Wetbench Automation

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