Plan-B Service

Plan-B service is designed for those factories who already have in-house automation/software staff for fab automation, but has very little to no backup. In other words, each developer is an expert in his/her own area, but if that person suddenly leaves the company or on time-off, no one else can cover.

Let us be your Plan-B software team! It’s like an insurance plan plus additional bandwidth plan!

How it Works
  • Our team already has technology and domain expertise, since we are experienced in all areas of fab automation. All we need is familiarity to your development environment and code structure
  • Depending on the complexity of the software, our team members will be engaged for a few days to a few weeks to become familiar with your environment to the level that they can make required changes without compromising reliability of the software
  • Every few weeks, your development team will keep us up-to-date with changes to code
  • Just call us when you need to use our automation engineers who are already familiar with your environment.
  • You could also use our Plan-B team to add bandwidth to your existing team when you need.

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