EIGEM – SECS/GEM Software for Equipment and Fab

EIGEM is a SECS/GEM software for equipment and fab host systems. This software is plug-and- play and can be integrated quickly saving OEMs and Fabs significant time and integration cost. EIGEM works on Windows, Linux and Android devices and can be integrated into most programing platforms, including Java, .Net and C/C++. No training is needed for your software staff to integrate EIGEM into your equipment or fab software, but our experts are available to provide help or integrate EIGEM with your software.

EIGEM makes equipment compliant of the following SEMI standards:

  • E30 – GEM (Generic Equipment Model)
  • Prevents mis-processing of lots and extended equipment down time
  • E5 – SECS-II message format
  • E37 – HSMS (Ethernet) connectivity
  • E4 – SECS-I serial (RS232) connectivity

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