eInnoSys at SEMICON West

SEMICON West is going on and eInnoSys is right there at Booth 145 in South Hall

SEMICON West is hosted every year in San Francisco. This is an International Trade Show for the global microelectronics industry.

SEMICON West not only provides a huge platform to all those belonging to Semiconductor Industry to showcase there products related to Industry, Manufacturing, Packaging, Photovoltaic, Led Systems, and Assembly Systems, but it also serves as an information and communication platform for the semiconductor and microelectronics industry and has a wide coverage on current and critical industry topics.

So, we take privilege in taking up this opportunity in launching our exciting NEW PRODUCT that will convert your non-SECS/GEM capable equipment into one that is SECS/GEM compliant for automation.

We are a Pure Play Semiconductor Software Company specializing in:

Equipment Software
Factory(Fab, Assembly, Test & Packaging) Automation
Smart Factory & Industry 4.0

Our Expertise:

Equipment Software Expertise

  • SEMI SECS/GEM Implementation
  • Controller Software
  • Integration of EFEM, SMIF/FOUP, RFID, etc
  • Smart Factory & Industry 4.0
  • Equipment Software Interface to Android
  • Interface A (EDA)

Factory Automation Expertise

  • Yield Management
  • Spare Parts Management System 
  • Fault Detection (FDC)
  • Advanced Process Control (APC)
  • Recipe Management System
  • Cycle Time and OEE Improvements
  • Cost reduction through automation
  • Custom automation to address specific needs

Come and meet our expert team with collective experience of 80+ years in semiconductor industry, to know more about our exclusive range of products & services at SEMICON WEST

Do visit our Booth 145 to get a quick walk through on our range of Products & Services and let our team of experts help you get a product that suits your requirement.

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